My name is Ido Kislev.
I am a Wikipedia editor since I was 10 years old (one of the youngest ever in the world), political adviser, copywriter, graphic designer and I'm just 18 years old (Z generation, you know).
When I was 13 y.o I've decided to create a graphic design studio brand that will help me work like all the other designers and not be stopped by my age. This brand is called since 2017 "Eureka".
After I've opened and successfully managed a political anonymous Twitter account (with more than 30k impressions in a month at its peak) I was hired by Gilad Rabinovitch, "Haavoda" former CEO, to the municipal party "Shoham Bitnufa" as a staff member, and only a few months later, while I'm still 16 y.o, I've joined Gideon Saar's election headquarters at the "Likud".
Today, while running an organization called Rainbow and working voluntarily in some of the Shoham City Hall committees (and also schooling from time to time), I'm a graphic designer under my first brand name.
Ladies and gentleman: Ido Kislev & Eureka 🎉